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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Just an update...

Since the guy that rear-ended us (while drunk) and drove away 14 months ago was convicted of leaving the scene and paid a $50 fine, he has also been convicted of:

Being drunk in public - Guilty in Absentia, $25 fine
Speeding (79 in a 65) (so you know he was going faster than that) - Guilty in Absentia, $70 fine
Driving on a suspended license, 3rd offense - Guilty - he showed up for this one!, sentenced to 6 months, with 5 months and 20 days suspended sentence, 30 day suspension of license (like that's going to do any good!)
Expired State Tags - Guilty in Absentia, $30 fine
Expired Inspection - Guilty in Absentia, $30 fine

And this is just in Albemarle County, just in the last year. There's also a $96 fine for doing 64 in a 45 in Fluvanna's amazing, they just can't seem to catch him doing more than 15 mph over the limit! He must be a very consistent speeder.

And his birthday is in 5 days! Happy Birthday, man!


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