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Sunday, November 19, 2006
So, I have about 5 minutes to blog about our first day in Vegas. There is too much - let me sum up:

Our flight was uneventful, except for the couple hooking up in the seats in front of us between Charlotte and Vegas. The Charlotte airport, by the way, is AWESOME. It's basically an entire mall in the airport, with lots of food and shopping options. I could live there.

We got into Vegas, and were greeted by our personal drivers holding up a sign that said "Baxtons." Awesome. We were staying at the South Point casino/hotel for the first night, so we got checked in (and the $20 trick worked to get us a nice view) and ate the most amazing $4 buffet ever. Seriously. I haven't eaten since then - that was nearly 20 hours ago - and I'm not all that hungry yet. We're about to go eat there again. That should do it for today.

We all played a little video slots, which didn't result in much. Then Phred and Oh Bee Juan played craps. For hours. And did very, very well. Oh Bee Juan started with $20, and walked away with $475. Then we all went to the strip, where the boys played craps for about 20 minutes, and made a good profit. We saw the light show at Freemont (Valerie and I saw two light shows, one while the boys were playing craps) and walked around.

Okay, I'm taking too long, and we have to go eat and watch football. Just like Sunday at home. Let me sum up this way: Vegas is awesome.


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