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Thursday, July 20, 2006
I just argued and won my first Supression Hearing. Kids with lots of drugs got their case dismissed because the officer went on a fishing expedition. Did the kids learn a lesson? No. Will they be back? Yes. How do I know? Frequent Flyers of Judicial Airways. Today, I have judge trials for several defendants I have yet to meet. I will talk to them for 5-10 minutes before their bench trials and then we will walk into sure, if not highly probable, losses. By this time tomorrow, I will have lost the ability to say that I am batting at 1.000. Here's to batting at 1.000!


  1. Mrs. B said...

    I'll drink to that.

    Not now, but later.

    11:57 AM  

  2. Mrs. B said...

    So how's it going?

    Um...are you working for the bad guys now?

    10:03 AM  

  3. The Maharaja said...

    I work for the poor or good guys with no money so they cut corners that happen to be illegal. Oh, and I am still batting at 1.000. Here's to still batting at 1.000

    6:17 PM  

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