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Monday, April 17, 2006

This has been a long time coming. I WAS waiting for hell to freeze over, but since Jelani passed the bar, I figured I'd ride that particular blue moon into the sunset.

For my (our) 18th or so "Moving Extravaganza," we figured we'd hire movers to make the process easier. It didn't. I previously mentioned something about inferior intellect. Below I will outline just a few of the things assaulting my sanity and turning me into a bumbling idiot.

Let's look back to late February:

The buyer's (sketchy and biased) appraisal came in 12K lower than the purchase price. We had to purchase our own (unbiased) appraisal that worked out just fine. Everything else in our old neighborhood is now selling for 10K MORE than we sold for last month.

March 14th:

Termite inspection? What's that? Oh, we need one before closing tomorrow?

~March 30th:

Lowes actually sells products that had been previously returned for a lack of proper parts and hardware. F'ers.

and so on:

Despite having movers, we still took at least 10 back and forth trips to the old house. The movers f'd up at least two items and our brand new carpet. They also took their sweet a$$ time moving stuff into the truck.

It rained about 5 minutes after the first time we watered the lawn.


The post office charges $1 for you to change your address online. WTF?

The heat pump was broken for at least 3 days. On one of those days there was a high of 80 or so and a low of 35.

The people we hired to clean the old house required backup cleaning. Unfortunately, we hadn't hired backup cleaners for the first string cleaners.

Directv hadn't changed my address. F'ing idiots.

Sprint is charging me a fee that I don't want to pay.

Charlottesville charges for trash pickup (per bag/per can). Charlottesville's taxes are about 30 cents higher than the county's (where you have to pay for pickup through a private firm that always takes all of your trash). Charlottesville WILL NOT PICK UP TRASH ON OUR NEW STREET. I PAY TAXES TO CHARLOTTESVILLE. BFI failed to pick up my trash after I hired them as a private firm! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

My wife WILL NOT STOP injuring herself.

To top it all off, my guest room sink is leaking. I'm just glad my master bedroom shower isn't leaking through the floor like my neighbor's is.

With all of that said, it takes 9-10 minutes to get Mrs. B to work every morning. That's down from 20-30. It takes 5 minutes for me to get home for lunch. That's down from 20-25. It takes 12 minutes or so to get home from picking Mrs. B up. That's down from 30-35. I guess it's not so bad. Mrs. B really is great when she's not running into things and despite being in the city, we have a fine "country" view.


  1. OH Bee Juan said...

    BFI has picked up our trash.

    1:06 PM  

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