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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I'm really hating blogger this week. I tried for 20 minutes to use their little thingy to post pictures, but it didn't work. Parental Guidance Advised.

The naked tuth:

Last night sucked.

It's interesting that JB called it [below] a maxipad because it is now...well...bloody. I spent half of last night awake salivating and since I couldn't swallow while sleeping, I was either drooling or spitting. To top it all off, the doctor's office gave us a call at 8:15 to see how I was doing. While I appreciate this call, Margaret didn't. Apparently they missed the memo.

At about 2:15 I found myself in front of Alderman Library. As usual, it was "unexpectedly" crowded. A good time was had by all. This event was followed by beers at Baja Bean.

I can't drink.

...and I'm beginning to swell.


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