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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Today, for the first time since, well, let's say it's been a while, I decided to run a 5k. A local celebration of Blues Music 5k. Here are my times:

Mile 1. 11:27
Mile 2. 9:13
Mile 3. 6:02
Total . 27:42.49

I argued the impossibility of those times with the timer and the computer, but the man (of at least 50) said, "You know, you never lose the mental ability, but you DO lose the knees and the lung capacity." Then he chuckled and said, "At least by the third mile, you remembered that it was a race." Realizing that I am falling apart at the knees, I turned hobbled to my car and drove the bar. I never knew cold beer could taste so good!

I miss my youthful knees. I love that I am old enough to drink.


  1. OH Bee Juan said...

    I'm not pushing you around in a wheelchair when you ruin what's left of your knees.

    1:31 PM  

  2. The Maharaja said...

    why not?
    I will push you if the situation were reversed.

    1:08 PM  

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