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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I was previously consuming about 2100 calories per day.
I was previously gaining weight at a rate of about a half-pound per week.
1 pound = 3500 calories.
A half-pound per week is 1750 too many calories per week, or 250 too many calories per day.
Therefore, to maintain my weight, I can consume about 1850 calories per day.
(We're ignoring fat content here, but let's go with it)
On the diet, I consume about 1500 calories/day, which is 350 less than required to maintain, or 2100 less than required to maintain in a week.
By the change in food alone, I should lose a little more than a half-pound per week.
(We're somewhat ignoring cheat day by calling a week 6 days)
Lifting weights burns about 200 calories in an hour.
The elliptical burns about 200 calories in 20 minutes.
Thus, with working out, I'm burning an extra 1200 calories per week.
(We're ignoring my incalculable general increase in metabolism, which we'll say is cancelled out by cheat day)
So, with working out alone, I should lose about a third of a pound per week.
With both diet and exercise, I should lose 3300 calories, or about 1 pound per week.
Over 12 weeks, I should lose 12 pounds.
Over 24 weeks, I should lose 24 pounds.
Then we can go on a cruise.


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