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Friday, October 01, 2004
These days, Mr. Bush and other administration officials often talk about the 10.5 million Afghans who have registered to vote in this month's election, citing the figure as proof that democracy is making strides after all. They count on the public not to know, and on reporters not to mention, that the number of people registered considerably exceeds all estimates of the eligible population. What they call evidence of democracy on the march is actually evidence of large-scale electoral fraud.

The Article

What's interesting is that if you look up the figures on the internet, you'll get different results, but they all agree on one thing: particularly among the male population, FAR more people are registered to vote than are actually eligible. If you consider that women are also far less likely to register, that means that there are probably a lot of female registrations that aren't valid, but the number registered just doesn't exceed the eligible population...yet.


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