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Marriage Defined

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
The instance where a person agrees to remain with another person for purposes of rearing a family, gaining permanent companionship, or other nonenumerated reasons via a contractual bond recognized by the state exercising jurisdiction, God or other religious, spiritual, or faith-based organization. Such events may or may not be ceremonialized in nuptial gatherials, must be presided over by an agent of any state or religious, faith-based, or spiritual organization, no ceremony at all, and, in some cases, require one of the contractors to be simultaneously represented by a family member in possesion of a loaded, operating firearm of some sort. The symbol of a completed marriage is typically a ring placed on the fourth finger (counting the thumb as the first finger and the "pinky finger" as the fifth finger) of the left hand. Although, this symbol is not required.