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I'm Converting

Friday, March 21, 2008
... from RedHat to Ubuntu.

Wait. You thought I meant what? No. I'm a proud Jewpalian, and will remain so.


My RedHat installation is waaaaay too outdated for me to install new versions of anything. I could upgrade it, but frankly, I got there by refusing to buy into the up2date service. I could use a Linux kernel update. And I'd like to get my LAMP stack working correctly. So.

Ubuntu to the rescue! At least, here's hoping.

Blog posts throughout the night as I try to get the beast up and running. Critical services that MUST work by tomorrow morning:
1. Base OS & networking
2. Apache 2.x
3. MySQL
4. PHP (ideally, php5)
5. Software RAID
6. Netatalk (really, afpd)
7. USB
8. SSH
9. CVS
10. Subversion

Plus, I'd like to make sure I have:
11. MediaWiki (the new Wiki)
12. The existing Wiki (can't remember what flavor this is ... DokuWiki?)
13. DNS (caching nameserver)

I'll be posting progress throughout the night. And on into the weeks ahead, if necessary.


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