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I love my car like a pet, but...

Thursday, January 10, 2008
the weirdest stuff happens to it. Last month, we noticed that the BMW logo had worn off of the front of the car. "Not a big deal," I thought. "It's just a sticker." It's a $35 sticker attached to a piece of metal. Why can't I just replace the sticker?

The car keeps telling me that I need to check my coolant level. There's no coolant leak and it hasn't been that long since it was serviced. After a brief googling of "e39 'check coolant level'," I learned that it's probably a sensor gone bad and not a real coolant issue.
I'll pile this one on top of:Max conquers Germany while playing with the new toy (by avpjack)

  • new brakes
  • new tires
  • new battery
  • broken cup holder
  • the Inspection 2 service
  • a new headlight
  • "check fog lamps"
  • and my favorite, "washer fluid low."

If I didn't like to drive it as much as I do, I'd hate it. This is why warranties are nice.


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