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The Basement (Parts 175 & 176 of 184)

Friday, December 21, 2007
We hung the mirror in the bathroom, and installed the ceiling light fixtures at the bottom of the stairs.

The Basement (Part 174 of 184)

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Mr. B put up the ceiling fan in the office. Just 10 more parts left...

The Basement (Part 173 of 184)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
The sofa was delivered (173), and is really comfy...

The Basement (Parts 167-172 of 184)

Monday, December 17, 2007
Where to begin?

They installed the wrong color carpet. Sigh.

BUT, the granite counter is in (167) and looks great, and the mini-fridge (168) and knobs (169) are installed, so the bar is done! Also, the entertainment center is all set up (170), curtains are hung (171), and the plumbing is done - we have running water (172)!

The Basement (Parts 151-166 of 184)

Friday, December 14, 2007
Whew: installed 2 GFCI outlets, 4 more switches, 2 doorknobs, tested all the outlets, put covers on the outlets, hung a curtain rod, touched up the paint, put in the entertainment center components, cleaned the floor. Also: TV delivered, carpet installed.

So close, yet so much more to do...

The Basement (Parts 137-150 of 184)

Thursday, December 13, 2007
2 more outlets, 3 doorknobs, grout for the bathroom floor, vinyl tile in the laundry closet, hooked up the washer and dryer, installed 4 speakers, and got rid of a lot of trash.

I think that's it. All the little stuff isn't very exciting, I know.

But we're getting there...

The Basement (Parts 115-136 of 184)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
There is tile in the bathroom (115), the trim and doors are painted (116), all of the cable, phone, and internet outlets are done (117), the rest of the outlets are installed (118-128) except for the GFCIs, and we installed 6 sets of recessed light trim (129-134). Also, we bought a sofa (135) and put up blinds in the new office (136).

The Basement (Parts 68-114 of 184)

Monday, December 10, 2007
Part 68: Doors!
Part 69: Trim!
Part 70: Bar cabinets! We chose the same cabinets that we have upstairs, but a slightly darker color, and they look great.

Part 71: Shelves in the entertainment center!

Also: the laundry light (which comes on automatically when you open the door), 6 switches, 8 electrical outlets, 3 phone jacks, 4 TV jacks, 16 ethernet jacks, 2 speakers, 2 bathroom sconces, and one massive removal of trash.

The Basement (Parts 54-67 of 184, and pictures)

Friday, December 07, 2007
Part 54: Paint touch-up. It's done, and it's fantastic.

Parts 55-61: Mr. B installed all 7 speaker panels last night.
Also last night, I stripped the ends off all the wires in the electrical outlet boxes (62), cut all the wire into 3.5" pieces to pigtail the outlets (63), and stripped the ends off all the pigtailing wires (64).

Part 65: All of the trim and doors were delivered about an hour ago. Very exciting.

Parts 66 & 67: All of the cabinets for the bar were delivered this afternoon! Also, I've pigtailed all of the outlets.

And, by popular demand, pictures of the paint (it's hard to get the color right in photos - the office is greener than it looked in any of them - but here you go):

The Basement (Parts 45-53 of 184)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Sometimes things happen so fast I don't even have time to blog them...

Part 45: Most of the stuff is back under the stairs. Kinda. You can sorta walk through our kitchen now...

Part 46: Priming! Our painter showed back up in town and came out to prime the walls this weekend. It took an hour for the entire thing, using a sprayer...

Parts 47 & 48: Mr. B bought the MDF for the shelves, and our trim guy came and installed the bottom shelves in the entertainment center and on the corner knee walls. I'll post pics at some point to show what the heck I mean by that.

Part 49: Drywall touch-up.

Part 50: The switch for the light under the stairs is installed. We'll probably never use it, since the light has a motion sensor, but it's there. :-)

Part 51: The great returning. We took about $400 worth of stuff back to Lowe's. Cha-ching!

Part 52: All of the trim and doors have been ordered and will delivered on Friday.

Part 53: Paint! We have paint! On the walls! It's painted!!! Our painter and his guys came out today and painted the entire basement. They're coming back tomorrow to touch up, but it's basically done!