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The Best Pizza Place Ever

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
or, Why I Love Vocelli Pizza

Our friendly electrician turned us on to Vocelli pizza, and we've been ordering from them exclusively ever since - their pizza is really good, AND they have anchovies (which makes Mr. B happy).

Tonight, I placed an order at 6:30, and was told it would be here in 30 minutes. I've had a very bad headache today, so I was dozing and didn't notice the time. At 7:30, the phone rang and I realized I was starving - it was the pizza people, calling to apologize for being so late, letting me know the the delivery guy was 3 minutes away, and that they were sending free cannolis for dessert.

But wait, it gets better. The delivery guy showed up, apologized profusely, gave me my pizza and free cannolis - AND a coupon for a free pizza. He explained that a flyer just went out today and they were swamped, and that they were very sorry and hoped we'd still order from them again.

How awesome is that? I didn't even call to complain, and they took care of me. I'll never order from anyone else ever again. Vocelli rocks.


  1. Scott Z said...

    Amazing how a free pizza on your next order plus free dessert you didn't want in the first place makes up for being 30 minutes late with the Order That Time Forgot.

    Or am I being too cynical?

    4:23 PM  

  2. Mrs. B said...

    Yes, you are. I didn't even notice it was late, I didn't call to complain, they took the initiative. And honestly, an hour is not ridiculously long...Domino's would've probably just said "I'm sure it's on its way" (i.e., "Too bad for you") if I called to say a pizza was 30 minutes late...

    4:49 PM  

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