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The Basement (Parts 26b and 28-30 of 184)

Friday, November 16, 2007
Part 26b: We finished fireblocking (we think)...put up more wood blocks, and stuffed rock wool in the odd spaces. We did NOT use Great Stuff (TM) because the can says that it's highly flammable. Doesn't seem appropriate for fireblocking, but what do I know? The inspector is coming this morning, so we'll see what happens! We have the Great Stuff (TM) if she wants us to put it up.

Part 28: All of the wires are pushed back in the boxes, taped, and ready for drywall. The recessed lights are hardwired to the circuit breaker (no light switch) so that we can turn them on or off, but don't have a switch in the way for the drywall guy (our friendly electrician is friends with our drywall guy, and he's thoughtful).

Part 29: We ran pipes between the sections of the entertainment center, under/behind the wall, for any cords/wires that aren't built-in. Right now, we just think it'll hold an HDMI cable, but the pipes will make it easy to run additional cords in the future if needed!

Part 30: The bathroom fan is installed, and it works!


  1. Mrs. B said...

    Update: the inspector said that Great Stuff (TM) is fine. What do I know?

    1:09 PM  

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