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I Have A Question...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007
...about this article.

The article itself is not the important part. It's the following statement:

"Shifting data and advice on how women's consumption of fish and seafood affects brain development of fetuses and infants, the most vulnerable groups, have produced one of the more vexing nutritional dilemmas of recent years. "

Leaving aside the concept of a "vexing nutritional dilemma," my question is this: Fetuses and infants are the "most vulnerable" groups? Are there other groups whose brain development is affected by women's consumption of fish and seafood...?


  1. Elizabeth M. said...

    Apparently the question of whether women's own brains are affected by their consumption of seafood is to be left entirely to the side. As usual. You'd think we'd get used to being invisible by now.

    6:57 AM  

  2. Scott Z said...

    Well, adult women's own brains are already fully developed. Er, at least, they're as developed as they're going to get. Your brain starts to develop in the womb, and that development continues until it is substantially complete at around age 2 (there's another burst of developmental activity that occurs during puberty).

    So, yeah -- we're less concerned about the effects of trace amounts of mercury on adult women.

    12:16 PM  

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