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Anne Coulter vs. Bozo the Clown

Friday, October 12, 2007
I think it's time for some celebrity boxing. In this corner, fresh from her Nationwide Perfect the Jews World Tour, it's Ann Coulter, champion of wing-nut incendiaries. And in this corner, returning to the small screen (again), your locally-franchised Bozo the Clown!

Maybe not. It would be hard to tell them apart. Plus, there would be three of them in the ring: Bozo the Clown, on the left, Ann Coulter, on the right, and Ann Coulter's massively oversized, larger-than-life, Bozo-the-Clown-looking character. Does anyone take her seriously anymore? Can it be possible that anyone in America can still spout the kind of inane anti-semitic babble that she does, and actually mean it, and still be sane? Given the kinds of things she says (generally timed to coincide with book releases), I expect her to be a raving, lower-lip biting, snot-dripping, toenail-chewing lunatic of the kind only found in publicly-funded mental institutions or on San Francisco street corners. And yet there she sits, on national television, smartly dressed and ready to go, like some high-class Republican pimple. She can't possibly be for real.

What's amazing: some people I know, let's call them Republicans, take her seriously. And agree with her. This is why, as a general rule, I don't trust Republicans. Come to think of it, as a general rule, I don't trust Democrats either; after all, those on the left take Ann Coulter at least seriously enough to take her personally. She's not a personal insult folks; she's not even a person.

Ann Coulter is Bozo the Clown with better hair, make-up, and costuming.


  1. genevieve said...

    Yes. The problem is, that like 5 year olds believe Bozo, there are real people out there who believe Anne Coulter. What I take real offense at is that she presumes to speak for all Christians! If she were the least bit educated about her own professed religion, she would know that:

    1. Whatever the new testament "says" (and which of the hundreds of translations is she using?) is a translation of a translation of a document that was passed along by word of mouth for at least two generations before it was written down, and

    2. Jesus, the disciples, and most of the first Christians considered themselves JEWS who were NOT "perfected", but who were RETURNING to roots of judaism and the true meaning of the old testament, in reaction to the knowtowing to Roman rule that most of the temple leadership displayed in that day.

    Whew. Sorry.

    Anne Coulter does not speak for any of us, much less all of us.

    8:38 AM  

  2. Mrs. B said...


    12:07 PM  

  3. Amy-Sarah said...

    I could barely read the transcript of her interview on this - Oh my god, why is she allowed to be on TV or for that matter anywhere except in her own room where her babbling won't hur t anyone??

    12:47 PM  

  4. The Maharaja said...

    I have to believe that there are sane people with anti-semitic thoughts who for some reason share those thoughts with the world. I have to believe this because my father, knowing he has two Jewish chirrens (I really did know how to spell that so that it comes out the way I said it in my head), likes Hitler and believes he was a great leader. Personally, I think the Catholic bastard in crazy, but then again so was Hitler.

    12:11 PM  

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