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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Are you serious?

I mean, I agree that women shouldn't smoke while pregnant, but ... seriously? Are we also going to make a law that says pregnant women can't take advil? Are we going to pass a law that says pregnant women aren't allowed to have soft cheeses or deli meat or clean a litterbox? Are we going to pass a law that says they have to take prenatal vitamins? How about a law banning pregnant women from having a soda, or taking a hot bath?



  1. Waldo Jaquith said...

    This is certainly consistent with a) big-government conservatism and b) the conservative perspective that a pregnant woman is, first and foremost, a baby vessel. If a pregnant woman's primary obligation is to produce a child in the best possible health, and if government's obligation is to ensure that happens, then this is forehead-slappingly obvious.

    Mind you, I'm using "conservative" here to describe the very people who thought it was Congress' business to prevent Terri Schiavo's husband from making medical decisions on her behalf. There's nothing conservative about them, but that's the term they prefer, so whatever.

    1:57 PM  

  2. OH Bee Juan said...

    So yeah...maybe this law should really about stupid people procreating? How would that affect the voter base?

    2:59 PM  

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