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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Just an update...

Since the guy that rear-ended us (while drunk) and drove away 14 months ago was convicted of leaving the scene and paid a $50 fine, he has also been convicted of:

Being drunk in public - Guilty in Absentia, $25 fine
Speeding (79 in a 65) (so you know he was going faster than that) - Guilty in Absentia, $70 fine
Driving on a suspended license, 3rd offense - Guilty - he showed up for this one!, sentenced to 6 months, with 5 months and 20 days suspended sentence, 30 day suspension of license (like that's going to do any good!)
Expired State Tags - Guilty in Absentia, $30 fine
Expired Inspection - Guilty in Absentia, $30 fine

And this is just in Albemarle County, just in the last year. There's also a $96 fine for doing 64 in a 45 in Fluvanna's amazing, they just can't seem to catch him doing more than 15 mph over the limit! He must be a very consistent speeder.

And his birthday is in 5 days! Happy Birthday, man!
Monday, February 19, 2007

So I get to work this morning a tiny bit later than usual (10 minutes or so). The lot turns out to be full of cars as there's a meeting here today. As I drive up the far row, someone leaves. AWESOME!

As I sat listening to an interesting XMPR piece on the history of election fraud, I realized that I was missing my laptop. Obviously there was no parking available when I returned 20 minutes later.

Damn you Murphy.
Saturday, February 17, 2007
If anyone wants to come to Florida (Destin in particular) to celebate their Irish Heritage, just let me know when to pick you up from the airport. All you need to bring is a green dress, some running/walking shoes, and your drinking A-game. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Monday, February 05, 2007
In case my dear husband forgets to mention it, I want to let everyone know that for the second time, UVA has decided to admit him as a student.

Yes folks, that's right...Mr. B is going to be a double Hoo.*

*According to the Admissions webpage, this means that he is "academically competitive; [has] successfully held positions of professional responsibility related to the management of information technology; and demonstrate[s] qualities of character such as motivation, maturity, tenacity, integrity, ability to work with others, self-reliance, and leadership. " I don't know about the ability-to-work-with-others part, but the rest sounds about right. Congratulations, hon.