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Saturday, January 06, 2007
In what can only be described as a herculean bout of regression, I ran the Pensacola Extravaganza Shinding (The real name is the Pensacola Beach Run, but I like my name better). So, at the Shindig, all runners started at the same time and mid-race you decided which distance you wanted to run (5K, 10K, half-marathon). I was runing with a bunch of people at what I perceived to be a decent pace until I saw the turn off for the 5K. Realizing that I was alone, it dawned on my that I was keeping pace with the wrong bunch of people and well, the rest you can figure out.
Out of 449 5K participants, I placed 48th and 7th in my age group with a time of 24:12 - it even hurts to type it. There is, however, good news, the BEER WAS ALL YOU CAN DRINK as long as you had a race number! I may not be a runner or even a decent jogger, but it is pretty hard to find something that beats ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER.
I also discovered that I am over training, which is causing my body to get weaker. Without taking any supplements outside of a multivitamin. I have been running at least four miles a day, taking a 45-minute spinning class and lifting weights five days a week. With that in mind, I have accepted the challenge to drop the spinning and just run for two weeks. If my time improves, I will stick with that plan. If my time does not improve, I will buy some sort of supplement (which I liken to corking the bat).
My next race is the 7th Annual Chiropractic Run For Health on 20 January 2007. Fingers and public hairs crossed, here's to hoping for a better time.
In essence, crappy race, no medal, over training, next race in two weeks and FREE ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER!


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