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Saturday, October 28, 2006
The Idiot Test because it's funny.


  1. Rob said...

    Pffft, I got as far as the 2nd Rectangle question and got it wrong, or so says the test.
    (They're ALL rectangles... stupid test.)

    1:39 PM  

  2. The Maharaja said...

    They are all squares, but the rectangle is slightly longer. It's pretty funny.

    6:09 PM  

  3. Rob said...

    All squares by definition are rectangles.
    Not all rectangles are squares.

    They're not all squares, but they are ALL rectangles.
    That said - I'm an idiot.

    8:11 PM  

  4. The Maharaja said...

    Wow, someone was listening in geometry. You get a gold star.

    4:23 PM  

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