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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
There's no limit to the blasphemy and curses that I want to scream. Can I fix something without something else breaking or some other idiotic Microsoft "feature" not being uncovered in an untimely manner and not to my advantage?

AW hell.


  1. The Maharaja said...

    Short answer - no.

    Question, I have a .tif document (an application), which I recently learned is Tagged Information Format or something like that - WTF. How do I convert it to a word document so I can fill it out?

    12:10 PM  

  2. Scott Z said...

    TIF format is commonly used for images. You can't convert it into a Word document.

    Try opening it with Photoshop, Painshop, or even MS PaintBrush.

    9:50 AM  

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