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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Don't pick on my son. He'll get a full head of hair when he gets a full head of hair.

Let's not let this blog degenerate into a my-kid-is-cuter-than-your-kid contest, especially since it's clear my kid is the cutest. There's just no point in arguing.

Google image search: ugly baby

For lack of a better segue, I think we should agree now to avoid statements of the form, "Does your (son | daughter | nephew | [relation]) [insert ability or indication of developmental milestone here] yet?" Examples of forbidden questions abound, but here are a few:
Does your son have hair yet? (as noted above)
Does your daughter pee in a toilet yet?
Does your nephew walk yet?
Does your son/daughter/cousin/brother/sister/niece/nephew love Jesus yet? (this one really ticks me off)


  1. Mrs. B said...

    So, Scott, does your son have a job yet?

    8:56 AM  

  2. Unknown said...

    Seriosly - I did say he was cute. I appologise for posting the pics of my little ones. I by no means wanted to start a battle of who's cuter. I just thought it was a nice picture and shows how little hair Jeffrey has. All I really wanted to say was that Davis was certainly cute.

    2:54 PM  

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