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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally he posts...Of course, I'm posting out of anger.

1. My job is extremely stressful.
2. I am of questionable health.
3. People should really stop using checks at grocery stores. I want to strike them.
4. My job is extremely unrewarding.
5. I ache.
6. People wait for my light to change before crossing against the sign.
7. Tenants change locks without permission.
8. My weeds are growing out of control.
9. No dog, no 530i.
10. Dubya is still the president.
11. Being morally correct means controlling people, but not helping them.
12. Traffic.
13. I am NOT the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.
14. Walmart.
15. Someone else is getting these "increased salaries" that are being mentioned when they talk about housing prices.
16. It's in my nature not to complete projects.


  1. The Maharaja said...

    Oh O Bee Juan, I feel for you. However (AKA the silver lining), that was the best laugh I have had since The 40 Year Old Virgin.

    9:25 AM  

  2. The Maharaja said...

    How do you close an HTML Tag? Should not I know this. A better writer should I not be as well. Then again, a lawyer, I will only be and a paralegal for writing, I will have always.

    9:27 AM  

  3. Unknown said...

    Have a beer -- or 5. That often does the trick at least for an evening. Maybe you should consider taking the Wand of Napalm to work Monday :)

    9:00 AM  

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