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Friday, June 10, 2005
Pretty typical. We finally take a trip to Florida and a tropical storm shows up. Last year the first named storm didn't happen until August 1.

So John and I are having the Great Debate - do we try to do Disney today, tomorrow, or save our free tickets for another time? They're good through the end of 2006. On the one hand, we could save the tickets for a day when we can spend the entire day, and it's not raining. On the other hand, so what if we don't get a whole day and it rains while we're there? The tickets were free. We welcome any input from the Thinking Minorities.

At least we got to do Universal Studios. The park was closed and only conference members and their guests could enter. All of the food and drinks were free, and the lines were pretty short (I'd say about 15 minutes on average - as opposed to HOURS) - basically, it was how a theme park SHOULD be.


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