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Monday, August 30, 2004
So that's $3700 per year per impoverished person (looking at this incredibly simplistically)

In a 2 person household that's $7428, some 62% of an impoverished 2 person income over the 10 years,
in a 4 person household that's $14857, some 79% of an impoverisehd 4 person income over the 10 years.

I couldn't find the actual definition for impoverishment of a 1 or 3 person household but it's still bound to be a considerable boost.

All altruism aside, it's also a hellova lot more likely that the $3700 dollars * 35Million people yields more money flushed back into the economy than the (and I can't remember the specific breakdown, I knew it at one point (thanks al franken!)) $12950000 * 100 people type of situation we've got now.

Blah blah blah

I'm going my new dentists' office for the first time this afternoon so I'll have to get to the store for some oreo's before I get there ;)

P.S. That license and registration thing was a reference to supertroopers because a few of the posts there seem to have repeated.


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