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Friday, August 27, 2004
An interesting statistic, created by my brother-in-law, and relayed to me by my sister (it's a family affair):

Scott did a bunch of research regarding that Census Bureau thing, about how much money was in the tax cuts Bush passed (1.3 billion), how many Americans (12.5% of the country out of 281,481,296 Americans, so about 35 million people) are below the poverty line (defined as less than $18k per year), and basically figured out that for the cost of that tax cut we could have pulled almost every man, woman, and child in this country out of “poverty.” And that’s with unemployment up at around 6% (also thanks to the Bush administration, which supports exporting jobs, and which, despite Bush’s statement that “job creation is the number one priority of economic policy out of Washington, D.C.” [president’s economic forum] has managed not only to lose jobs, but to hold the second worst “job creation” record since Herbert Hoover (who, you may remember, had this small depression thing to deal with).


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