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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
(First Blog, forgive me if I break any rules of etiquette)

So I was in DC this past weekend and saw a guy walking down the street from trashcan to trashcan mysteriously digging. I came to discover what he was looking for when in about the third receptacle, he pulled up a nearly empty bag of chips. He tilted his head back and poured the last few remaining crumbs into his mouth. It was as if all of a sudden I realized the extent to which I was not thankful for all that I had been blessed. In my 27 years, I had never longed for food to eat or a place to sleep. Nourishment and shelter are truly blessings for which we should all be grateful. (Lesson: Bitchin’ and whinin’ are relative wastes of energy since millions have lives 100X tougher than ours.)


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