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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Not to poo-poo on your charlottesville pedestrian woes, I'm just joining in on the ranting.

Why the hell did my little sister get an apartment in the North End. Oh, I'll tell you why - because she doesn't have a car. And somehow I'm always picking her up and dropping her off, in the North End. Where the lanes are barely enough to fit a single car, so the good Bostonians park on both sidewalks and you have to squeeze your car in between. And try not to hit the 90 year old Italian lady who will walk very quickly to get in front of your car but will walk very slowly to get out of the way of your car. One ways and dead ends and no parking, but good food and good pastries.
Yeah, pedestrians suck, they should all get out of my way. Unless I'm walking, then cars suck, and they should all get out of my way.
This pissy post brought to you buy a lack of interest and abundance of frustration with my work situation and what must be an impending mensturation (and boy am I confused about how that's going to work) as I'm awfully flighty but mostly grumpy of late.


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