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Thursday, March 11, 2004
This message has been inspired by
1. John's incessant pestering
2. Beers after work with the coworkers.
I need a new job, a new girlfriend, a brother that doesn't pick fights with people on the subway when he's alone. I need to move out of my apartment, lose weight and get a damned oil change. On the upside I went to a great wedding last weekend, saw friends I haven't seen in a long time and I always have a loving cat and dog to come home to. Blah blah blah.

Funny story: my clean cut ambitious coworker/supervisor tells me about a dream he had the other night (mind you, his girlfriend is visiting her family in PA). He's dreaming about one of the founders of the company in a board meeting (and man was I scared at that point.) But he assuaged my fears pretty quickly when he tells me that the founder was pissing him off (happens in real life all too often) and he decided to give the guy a good punch in his face, and the subsequently being fired for it.

Funny story #2: Talking to a different founder about or funding (lack therof) situation the other night, and he suggests that maybe the pornography industry may be interested in the prospect of the high speed, high density holographic storage industry. I then went on to try to persuade him that this was an excellent opportunity for us and as the only young and single member of our company I would volunteer to be the ambassador to such a populace. I'm now referred to as the "Ambassador of Porn" at my company. It's a bit of an upgrade from the Systems Bitch title I got some months ago.

Sort of a backpedaling/amendment, maybe they weren't funny stories but mildly amusing.

P.S. Go MA, our state government decided that civil rights are more important than right wing appeasement 2:1!


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