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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
So I'm talking with a coworker about adding some signals into his schematic (not really relevant), and I sit down in his cube and hear a big rip in my ass..... No, not like that! you people all have filthy minds! So I go to the bathroom and into a stall to examine the damage and there's a rip in the pants from the corner of the back pocket down to the bottom of said back pocket. Well how embarrassing, luckily I'm wearing a long untucked shirt and it should just about cover my exposed boxer-briefs. So I put my pants back on, open the door and get the hell out of dodge... except - one of the VP's is walking into the bathroom, he sees me leaving the stall and not washing my hands! disaster! He goes on to make smalltalk (in the bathroom?!) about something but it was awkward and I was like OK and promptly ran away.

So the moral of the story is
1) Always wash your damn hands, I don't care if you went in there to look at your hair. Wash your hands or your boss will think your unsanitary.
2) Smalltalk? Between formal parties? In the shitter? Not acceptable! I mean there are these doors with locks between people and I don't even like using a stall that someone has used recently or if someone is sitting next to me or anything like that... No conversations in the shitter. Period.


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