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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
So I'm giving a presentation at work to the engineering team, basically just updating and doing a peer review on what I've been doing, and I get an IM (d'oh, I should really turn that off). It's from the sysadmin at work, he's pestering me to sneak outside and grab a smoke. Except I don't really smoke at work (maybe one a day if that, no time for it) unless I'm being lazy and we do really sneak. So the engineers in the meeting look up and read the IM, and everyone is sort of frozen. I then respond to him (still on the projector) that I'm on the projector and that he's a jackass. At that point, everyone gets a good chuckle and I sheepishly continue on.
Moral of the story: shut off your IM, it could have been a worse message, God help me if Doug IM's me during a presentation.


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