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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
More innapropriate happenings at Rob's work:

System Integrator: Hey Mechanical Engineer did you have a chance to pick out one of those motors yet?
Mechanical Engineer: Uh, yeah I liked one of them
System Integrator: Oh yeah? which one?
Mechanical Engineer: I liked the one with the big shaft

Meanwhile the 5 of us that are standing around just sort of look at each other in disbelief sort of questioning ourselves - "Did he really just say that? Oh God please tell me he did" Then we all started laughing and the MechE turned bright red.

Ah nothing like gay engineering jokes, I tell you I dont' understand why every guy doesn't want to become an engineer, my work is like a frat house... .Except the girls dont' come here to get drunk and hook up on Friday night, instead they avoid us like the plague.... Maybe that's why guys don't all become engineers...


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