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Thursday, March 18, 2004
JB, I am glad that your surgery went well. In a way, perhaps it is better that you "tutoring" by yourself and not out partying during spring break. I can't think of a single reason why that is true, but there has got to be something. Ah, here is a good reason. By resting up and letting your leg heal, you still have a shot at playing professional tennis and becoming a international star. Then I can say I have met a professional tennis star, which makes for a great party story. So, as you sit there in the hospital, just think, you are doing it for me and my party story. How is that for a good reason.

In other fun news this morning, everyone's favorite military contractor, Haliburton is in trouble again. I find it amazing that the Pentagon has not completely CANCELED their contracts already. If the company I work for was caught doing something like that, MANY heads would roll. In fact, the company I work for was accused of mischarging the government in the past (we were later exonerated because of some botched government calculations and a "morally ambiguous" subcontractor, who was promptly terminated), and the federal organization who managed the contract was threatening to prevent us from doing ANY business with the federal government for an extended period of time as a punishment (a death blow to any government contractor). Haliburton has been PROVEN to have done far worse overcharging activities mentioned above and we don't see that threat anywhere near being made. I wonder why . . .


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