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Friday, March 26, 2004
In a moment of office strangeness today, I started rhyming with our division administrator over IM. Some of the rhymes were strangely good, so I am reprinting them here for your enjoyment and ridicule.

#1 - Ode to Dory and an Empty Candy Bowl
thomaspwallace: Don't give me lip
thomaspwallace: Or you can get on a ship
thomaspwallace: Perhaps you will give me some candy as a tip
thomaspwallace: Or else you are going to take a dip
LouiseTkr: friendships are earned and well I don't think you have earned this one, so no candy for you

#2 - Who is the Office Dork
LouiseTkr: Yep Katie was right your the Office Dork
LouiseTkr: and not cause you eat prok
LouiseTkr: oops pork
thomaspwallace: You say I am the dork
thomaspwallace: But then you misspell pork
thomaspwallace: So I have to say you look like Mork
thomaspwallace: and you eat your food with a spork
LouiseTkr: nanu nanu
LouiseTkr: why not a fork you dork


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