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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Continuing with the engineer theme, here are some funny engineer links curtsey of Google:

1) 10 Reasons Why Not to Date an Engineer. My favorite is: "No matter how hard you cry and how loud you yell, he just sits there calmly discussing your emotion in terms of mathematical logic." Wait, I have been accused of doing that, and I am a scientist, not an engineer . . .

2) At Last - Engineer's Explained. My favorite part is under the "Dating and Social Life" header, including "While it's true that most normal people would prefer not to date an engineer, many normal people harbor an intense desire to mate with them, thus producing engineerlike children who will have high-paying jobs long before losing their virginity."

3) Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment. This is completely unrelated to the engineer bit, other than having engineering in the title, but it was too good not to post. The picture says it all. Yes, Margaret, I realize that by posting this I am opening myself to more "Tom and breasts" comments, but it really was too good to pass up.


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